Customs, Border Control, And Security Procedures

PBI uses strict security measures, which are also strictly followed by the TSA to ensure the safety of travelers. These protocols cover the usual methods observed by a majority of domestic and international airports worldwide. Hence all passengers are rigorously required to acquaint themselves with these rules and carefully follow them.

The terminal at PBI - with Concourses A, B & C - is found on James L. Turnage Blvd., can be accessed through Interstate Hwy 95 / Australian Blvd. Passengers arriving and those departing are on different levels of the terminal. A vast excellent concession mall runs through the building. At the Customs and Immigration facility, 300 passengers can be handled per hour. Airport Assistance can be identified by their teal-colored jackets to help travelers.

APC (Automated Passport Control), a US Customs and CBP scheme that accelerates the entry process into the USUS All Canadian and those eligible for the Visa Waiver Plan, provides an automated process through CBP's Primary Inspection area. Travelers use self-service booths to reply to CBP inspection inquiry and submit biometric data. The APC service is free and does not need pre-registration or membership. It maintains a high level of protection when it concerns handling personal data. Passengers using this program, wait for shorter times, where there is less congestion, and passengers are processed faster.