Airport Services

Mailing Center

There is a convenient mailing center for passengers provided by the Palm Beach International Airport. Passengers can send belongings or other items to any destination while they are about to or are traveling. In the situation of a lost item, you can contact the department for lost items at the mailing center. Similarly, inside the terminals, there are information kiosks where passengers can make inquiries for more information.

Public Telephones

There are public mobile phones accessible on all the levels of the terminal, and also in Concourse B and Concourse C. Travelers can make free calls on toll-free numbers and local calls. There are also white phones in all terminal parking garages for help and any other assistance. Calls are connected with the airport communications center in the terminal building.

Pet Relief Areas

For passengers traveling with pets, there are two areas available for pet relief, which can be traced out of the secure area outdoors on level one, located on the East and West ends of the terminal. The regions are enclosed, provide a nice wood chip grassy region, and is shaded for traveling pets. There are also complimentary waste bags available for use if need be.

Other Services

All PBI there is free Wi-Fi for passengers. This service, although free, is high-speed, and all passengers have access to in the terminals. It enables passengers to enjoy complete internet access all around the waiting lot for cell phones at the airport. Located in Concourses B and C, there are mobile device charging spots.

Putting green available for $3.20, try for an Ace in our nine holes. They are located next to Sam Snead's on Level Two, Main Terminal.

Also, there are private rooms for nursing mothers and families, situated in Concourse B, at gate B1 and Concourse C, at gate C1.

ATMs can be found at level two at the passenger center, at baggage claim level 1, at level three ticketing and concourse B and C.

Medical Services

If you plan to fly and have any medical issues, you are needed to state whatever additional assistance or medical service, that you will need from the airport or the airline. There are facilities at PBI that assist the disabled and any other passengers that need assistance. The airport has helicopters that are used when passengers encounter emergency health complications. The helicopters can only take two passengers at a time to clinics where they can have proper medical care.