Palm Beach International Airport (Guide)

The Palm Beach International Airport, (airport code: PBI) is a state airport in Palm Beach Municipality, Florida, at the west of the city of West Palm Beach, Florida.


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Palm Beach International Airport (Guide)

Airport Spotlight: What to expect at the Palm Beach International Airport

It is the most convenient airport for the West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Wellington, Palm Beach, and the encompassing region. It is likewise one of three significant airports serving the Miami metropolitan region. The airport is run by Palm Beach County's Department of Airports. Street access to the air terminal is immediate from I-95, Southern Boulevard, and Congress Avenue. The air terminal is verged on the west by Military Trail.

Palm Beach International Airport launched in 1936 as Morrison Field. Morrison Field was named to pay tribute to Grace Morrison, a key member in the arranging and association of the runway. The first flight leaving the field was a New York-bound Eastern Air Lines DC-2 out of 1936. The air terminal was devoted on December 19, 1936.

In 1937 the airport extended past an airstrip and an organization building when the Palm Beach Aero Corporation got a lease, assembled storages, and the principal airport on the south side of the air terminal. The new airport was known as the Eastern Air Lines Terminal. The field was utilized by the US Armed force Air Forces during World War II. Following the assault on Pearl Harbor, Morrison Field was being used for preparing and later as an organizing base for the Allied attack of France, with various airplane withdrawing Morrison on the way to the United Kingdom to partake in the D-Day intrusion of Normandy. Morrison Field was a layover for flights to and from India, through Brazil and West Africa.

In 1947 the recently established USUS Aviation based armed forces gave back the Morrison Field to Palm Beach district. It was then renamed, Palm Beach International Airport in 1948.


By the mid-1970s, the air airport's preferred carriers were Delta, Eastern, and National. Eastern worked the air terminal's just widebody administration at that point, day by day L-1011s to New York JFK and Newark. By 1979, National worked day by day DC-10 support of JFK, LaGuardia, and Miami, while Eastern controlled L-1011s to Atlanta and Delta worked L-1011s to Tampa. By 1985, eight widebodies daily flew among PBI and the three New York airports. The 25-entryway David McCampbell Terminal, named for a World War II maritime flying pro, was committed in 1988. In 2003 the terminal was ranked among the best in the country by visitors of Conde Nast Traveler Magazine. In that year, another finished I-95 trade was worked to diminish traffic on Southern Boulevard (US 98), expanding Turnage Boulevard (the street around the edge of the concourse).

Competition from quickly growing Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport cut development at PBI during the 1990s. The 2001 downturn and the September 11 fear monger assaults further restrained growth, however advancement in South Florida since 2002 has at long last prompted a flood of traveler traffic at the air terminal. Likewise, markdown transporters, for example, JetBlue and Southwest Airlines, started operation at PBI. In 2006 the area set out on a between time development program by getting things started on a 7-story parking structure and the expansion of 3 doors in Concourse C.

Long-range developments incorporate doors at Concourse B and the inevitable growth of another 14 entryway Concourse D to be expanded east from the existing terminal.

Following the 2016 appointment of Donald Trump as President of the United States, Air Force One again turned into a continuous guest to PBI, usually stopping on the south side of the air terminal close to Southern Boulevard while Trump visited his close by Mar-a-Lago bequest. Until 2017, a line of school transports was utilized as an impermanent obstruction between the airplane and spectators. Palm Beach County expressed that it would erect an increasingly changeless obstruction framework in mid-2017; however, the school transports were still being used as of November.

Background And Socio-Economic Influence

Palm Beach International Airport discharged its up-to-date Florida Statewide Aviation Economic Impact Study in March, an undertaking that began back in October 2016. The report revealed that Palm Beach International Airport creates more than $5.6 billion toward the South Florida economy, both directly and indirectly. The Palm Beach County Department of Airports consists of four airports in Palm Beach County: Palm Beach International (PBI), Palm Beach County Park (LNA), North Palm Beach County General Aviation (F45) and Palm Beach County Glades (PHK). The joined economic effect of the Palm Beach County airport framework amassed a whopping almost $6 billion. Palm Beach International Airport's absolute work bested 48,600 occupations, and the guest spending commitments surpassed $2.3 billion to the district.

There is an enterprise framework operated by the airport. This means that specific taxes like the ad valorem tax dollars don't finance any bit of the four air terminals. Instances of air terminal income sources incorporate, yet are not restricted to, aircraft expenses, stopping and ground transportation, general aeronautics, just as non-flight income, for example, air terminal possessed property leases. Aviation keeps representing a significant monetary engine in Palm Beach County. Also supporting travel and the travel industry, the County's airports give a critical commitment to general financial wellbeing by creating jobs and producing salary that streams once again into their County.

PBI Statistics

PBI is encountering a growth pattern in both yearly enplanements and yearly domestic travelers that proceeded in 2015. PBI kept on serving 18 residential goals in 2015, as it has since 2011. Palm Beach International Airport serves over 6.7 million travelers every year and offers more than 200 direct flights daily. Palm Beach International Airport was named the eighth Best Airport in the US in Conde Nast Traveler's 2019 Readers' Choice Awards and eighth Best Domestic Airport in Travel + Leisure Magazine's 2019 World's Best Awards. Palm Beach International Airport is as of late named Fifth Best Medium Airport in the 2019 J.D. Force North America Airport Satisfaction Survey and positioned Best in the USUS for Shortest Overall TSA Wait Times by US Customs and Border Protection. PBI has been perceived by Travel + Leisure, Tripadvisor, Conde Nast Traveler, MissTravel, and Fox News for comfort, neighborliness, and luxuries.